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At Tri-Lakes Center for Independent Living we try to keep our consumers well informed with the current information regarding benefits for people with disabilities, current events and trends in assistance.

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Saranac Lake Sensory Garden

Saranac Lake Sensory Garden

TLCIL is working on the creation of a Sensory Garden here in Saranac Lake. A sensory garden is a beautiful garden consisting of plants and flowers, as well as other textural objects, that stimulate and engage the five basic senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.The...

NYS Senate Bill S7374

NYS Senate Bill S7374

TLCIL recently advocated against NYS Senate Bill S7374. The bill, if signed into law, would have created barriers for people with visual and hearing disabilities to enforce their rights. The bill summary states: “Requires that a claimant alleging that the contents of a website...

Let’s Keep Staying Safe!

Let’s Keep Staying Safe!

We’ve all been dealing with COVID for what seems like an eternity and, unfortunately, it’s not over yet. There continues to be new variants and sub-variants of the virus popping up, so it’s important to stay safe, and especially if you are a member of the disability community...

“I went in for help applying for SSDI, and even when lawyers couldn’t help me, the center was there for me and won my case!“

Cynthia T.

“TLCIL is the last, true peer advocate organization in the county. They improve the quality of life in Franklin County by bringing organizations and resources together, meeting individuals where they're at and working directly with them to help ensure good outcomes. They work to empower instead of enable, to raise up instead of push along, and to defend where needed.”

Jason M.


What Our Consumers Say About Us


It's not about the work, it's about the people we work for.

Thank you to all of our consumers, their families and friends who have allowed us to be a part of their team and grow together.

“TLCIL has been a lifesaver for me. Mary, Susan, Kevin and staff were able to advocate for me when I was too ill to do it for myself. They made me aware of community resources I didn’t know existed or was even eligible for. Mary helped me through a devastating period of my life, from encouraging me to seek help for my mental illness and teaching me how to advocate for myself. This agency worked with me for two years, always with a friendly, knowledgeable attitude to help me win my disability case. TLCIL helped me get my life back and boosted my self-esteem in the process. I’ll never be able to express how grateful I am for all they’ve done for me especially during a pandemic when other services were halted. We brainstormed, problem solved and even laughed a little. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

C. Jock